As light passes through an uncoated glass substrate, approximately 4% will be reflected at each surface. This result in a total transmission of only 92% of the incident light. Anti-Reflection coatings are especially important if the system contains many transmitting optical elements. Coationg each component will increase the throughput of the system and reduce hazards caused by reflections traveling backwards through the system(ghost images). Many low-light system incorporate AR coated optics to allow for an efficient use of the light. We now can provide many kinds of antireflective, high reflective and partial reflective coatings.

● Single Layer MgF2 Antireflective Coatings
● Multi Layer Antireflective Coatings
● Muti Layer Broadband Antireflectance Coatings
● Dual Wavelength Band Antireflective Coatings

Some commonly used optical coatings are:

Single and Dual Wavelength AR Coatings

Broadband Antireflective Coating

Narrow and Broad Band High Reflective

Partially Reflective Coating

Polarizing Coating

Dichroic Beamsplitter Coating

Metallic Coating