In addition to Deep UV (266nm) laser, UV (355nm,375nm,405nm,410nm) laser, Deep blue (430nm,435nm,440nm,445nm,457nm) laser, Dlue(473nm,501nm,515nm)
laser, Green (523nm,526nm,532nm,543nm,556nm,561nm) laser, yellow (589nm,593nm) laser, Red (660nm,671nm) Laser,Infrared (914nm,946nm,1030nm 1047nm,
1053nm,1064nm,1086nm,1112nm,1319nm,1342nm) laser, we also manufacture red (635nm, 650nm,660nm,690nm,730nm,750nm,780nm,785nm,795nm,808nm,850nm,
890nm,915nm,940nm,980nm,1310nm,1550nm) Diode lasers modules for variousapplications in medical, construction, tocommunication use, including dot
laser module, line laser module, cross laser module,modulate laser module,W-series laser module.

The output of these modules is set to meet Class IIIb requirements of 21 CFR 1040.10 of the C.D.R.H. The modules can be used for research, studies, or on an OEM basis for incorporation into other products.

Laser Entertainment Medical & Chemical Devices
Laser Alignment Nondestructive Testing Devices
Scanning High Resolution Display
Holography Underwater Imaging & Surveying
Spectroscopy Cell Sort
Wafer Inspection Fluorescence excitation
Laser Printing Industry DNA Sequencing
Optical Communication Flow Cytometry
Optical Data Storage Architectural Tools
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Unless the item is labeled as "US C.D.R.H. Compliant", the item is sold as a component only.