Polarizing Coating

Laser Line Polarization Beamsplitter Coatings


This coating has special performance of nearly 100% reflectivity for S-Polarization and 100% transmission for P-polarization at a narrow wavelength bandwidth. Therefore, it main application is to be used as polarizing beamsplitter in single wavelength laser system when it is deposited on glass substrate. But its extinction ratio is not so high.

Rs>99.5% @ 632.8nm

Rp<5.0% @ 632.8nm

Rs>99.5% @ 780nm

Rp<5.0% @ 780nm

Broadband Polarization Beamsplitter Coatings

Rs>99.0% @ 450~650nm

Rp<5.0% @ 450-650nm

Rs>99.0% @ 600~900nm

Rp<5.0% @ 600~900nm