Custom Optics

The skilful engineers and technicians at Dream Lasers are developing specialized fabrication techniques for optical components to meet the requirement of the highest international standards. Dream Lasers possesses two large production lines for fabricating Plan and Sphere custom-made optical components. Especially, it has reached a high capability of producing Penta Prism and Waveplate over 100,000 pieces each per month. With occupation of many experienced engineers, advanced machines, using the latest design techniques, our coating department is able to meet your wide range of demand.

In addition to standard optical components described in the above pages of this catalog, Dream Lasers designs and provides a wide range of custom optics. Based on our two large production lines in fabricating Plan and Sphere optical components and our skilful engineers and technicians, Dream Lasers is not only capable of serving high volume order but also in a position to provide as few as single piece custom-made part. Custom-made components are normally quite cost intensive. However, one will find that his budget will no longer be so tight if he choosesDream Lasers. Please keep in mind that Dream Lasers is really unusual. Our engineers are always ready to take the chance to discuss with you for your custom-made parts.

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Materials: please refer to "Optical Material"

Diameter: Φ1 - Φ500mm

Thickness: as thin as 50μm

Flatness: up to l/50 @ 632.8nm

Parallelism: up to 0.5 arc seconds

Surface quality: up to 10-5 scratch and dig


Dream Lasers processes thousands of radius test pieces for fabricating lenses in stock. Our customers may benefit a lot from our large tools inventories because they do not need to pay additional tooling charge, which may be quite high among overall cost percentage for small amount orders. In additional to that, our customers can have larger flexibility in designing their systems for there are quantity radius can be selected. Large tools stock further means quicker delivery due to saving time in fabricating tools.

Focal Length: 3 - 10,000mm

1. Spheric Lens

2. Cylindrical Lens

3. Achromatic Lens

4. Doublet and triplet

5. Aspheric Lens

6. Lenses Assembly


Materials: please refer to "Optical Material"

Diameter: Φ1 - Φ200mm

Focal Length: 3 - 10,000mm


Dream Lasers has developed a particular technology in fabricating high precision Penta Prism (up to 5" deviation) and Beamsplitter Penta Prism. A large production line for Penta Prism has been established with capability of producing more than 100,000 pieces per month.

Roof-Angle Prisms, Dove Lens, Fresnel prisms, Polygonal Prisms, Porro Prisms, Pechen Prisms, Amici-Dove Prisms, Coupling Prisms, Hollow Retroreflectors,.....are also available in Dream LasersDream Lasers is especially good at fabricating special shape prisms.


With the experience on orientating and fabricating high quality nonlinear optical crystals, Dream Lasers assures to control the orientation of the crystalline axis precisely maintained from first cut through final assembly. Dream Lasers has set up a computerized system to produce more than 20,000 pieces of multipule order and zero order waveplates per month. Dream Lasers has organized a strong R&D team on the waveplate project that it is possible to provide any technical supports as needed.

Inspection Instruments

Dream Lasers' quality control and assurance department sets a series of complete standards for the optical components. Every product is strictly inspected to meet our standards or specifications required by customers before it leaves Dream Lasers. Inspection reports and pictures are available upon request. Some of the main inspection instruments are:
0.5 arc second goniometer
Laser plano interferometer
Twyman Green interferometer
Pekin-Elmer lambda 19 UV/VIS/IR spectrophotometer
Zygo GPI-XP interferometer
Waveplate Retardation Inspector
pico-second Nd:YAG laser
40mW He-Ne laser
CW Diode pumped Green laser