Q-switched / Pulsed Lasers

Dream Lasers Q-switch Nd3+:YAG two-wavelength pulsed laser hairdressing instrument treatment principle:
That instrument adopted the Nd3+:YAG solid laser and the laser Q switch techniques and the laser frequency conversion techniques. When the huge pulse of laser were absorbed the impact wave of the future reunion formation part by the dye organization of the pathological changes, organizing dye to smash, the dye that is smash the organization were gobbled up the cell absorption but ejected the body by the human body. Because the laser energy and living creatures organize the function time very short, thus avoided the hot effect to the harm that the surroundings organize, make use of various different dye the best to absorb the wave-length dissimilarity, choose absorb the apex with it opposite should of the laser wave-length will dispel most availably in addition to the dye pathological changes organization, but will not affect the normal organization that the surroundings close to, attaining the destination to destroy the pathological changes organization, this principle is called" the selectivity laser break" on the laser medical science. 
Dream Lasers This principle key lies in the selectivity and smashes the destructiveness. Selectivity, to attain the ideal clinical result, the one who operate needs to know first what kind of what kind of wave-length laser should dye choose carry on the treatment; Smash the destructiveness, its degree decision in output the apex value power of the laser, the laser apex value power= the laser pulse energy/ laser pulse time( namely the vein breadth), what it reflect is the laser organizes to the pathological changes of blow up the function of strong or weak, when the laser pulse energy is certain, the laser apex value power is more high, to the pathological changes disorganization function more strong, but the hot effect is more small; Under the same apex value power, the vein breadth time is more long, the pulse energy need is more big, the then hot effect is more big, usually will make the skin rise the dropsy, blood bubble or very ache.

Wavelength Output Energy
26nm 0.1~10uJ
355nm 0.1~50uJ
532nm 1~3mJ
1053nm 1~50uJ
1064nm 1~3mJ
1319nm 1~20uJ







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