671nm Red Lasers

Dream Lasers designs and manufactures cost effective ultra-compact Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers. Our lasers feature with high reliability, high stabilityhigh efficiencylow noiseand excellent laser beam quality. These lasers are specificly designed for OEM, scientific and industrial use.

Abstract A design of LD-pumped high efficient Nd:YVO4/LBO red laser is reported Using critical aaphasc-matching LBO for the first time 671nm red laser is obtained by 1.342μm intracavity frequency doubling. With 800mW Incident pump laser,52mW and 97mW TEM00 mode red laser output are obtained by II-typed and I-typed LBO. The optical-to-optical conversions are up to 6.5% and 12.1% respectively.

Characteristics Degradation of Phenol by Pseudomonas sp. Phen 8 and Screen of 2ts Mutants
Characteristics of biodegradation of phenol by Pseudomonas sp. phen8 were examined with respect to sub-strate utilization, Influence of glucose. Four mutants deleting the function of phenol-degrading were screened.The study shows that glucose added to the medium promotes cell growth and decreases the degradation of phe-nol.Additionally,cell growth and the degradation are enhanced by elevated phenol concentration within0~7mmo l/L and inhibited by that above 7mmol/L. Because the mutants deleting the capability of phenol-degrading Were selected by Tn5 insertion into the chromosome in Pseudomonas sp. phen8,the basic work was conducted For the future study on gene location,clone and regulation of gene expression.

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Output Power
001-400: 1~400mW
500-1200: 500~1200mW
1500-2000: 1500~2000mW
3000-4000: 3000~4000mW
Laser Module Sort
T: With Thermo Electric Cooling
L: Line output
LN: Low Noise
SLM: Single longitude model
Note: Other output power, beam diameter, and beam divregence are available upon request.