556nm Green Lasers

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Abstract 1.112μm laser transition of Nd:YAG was obtained by restrained the stronger stimulated laser Transitions through cavity coating design. A LD pumped, LBO intracavity frequency doubled and Cr:YAG passively Q-switched laser at 556nm were reported. At the incident pump power of 1.6W,the laser
Produced pulses of 48ns duration at 556nm, with a repetition rate of 8.9kHz, meanwhile the average Output power was 51mW and the highest 556nm peak power was about 119W.

Making use of Nd:YAG’s 1,112um action spectrum and get Q double frequency 556nm laser inside resonance cavity, due to the pulsed working 556nm is especial sensitive to vision, so it always be popular with laser medically application, which can substitute the Rhodamine 6G 555nm pulsed dye laser to treat Buphthalnos, glaneoma, congenital pupillary residual membrane and so on, meanwhile,

Order Information
Output Power
005: 5mW
010: 10mW
020: 20mW
030: 30mW
050: 50mW
100: 100mW
150-300: 150~300mW
Laser Module Sort
T: With Temperature Electric Cooling
L: Line Output
Note: Other output power, beam diameter, and beam divregence are available upon request.