355nm UV Lasers

Dream Lasers designs and manufactures cost effective ultra-compact Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers. Our lasers feature with high reliability, high stability, high efficiency,and excellent laser beam quality. These lasers are specificly designed for OEM, scientific and industrial use.

Abstract The CW LD end-pumped quasi-CW ultraviolet laser with Cr + 4 :YAG,KTP and LBO is described. When the power of the laser diode is 12W,the pulse repeated frequency is 10kHz,the power of the quasi-CW ultraviolet laser with similar single transverse mode is approximately 50mW.

Dream Lasers DPSS 355nm UV laser is THG laser, the basic laser sourse of this laser is 1064nm Nd:YAG laser, First, we will get a 532nm laser after SHG cavity by 1064nm + KTP according to II kind phasic match, Second get the 355nm laser after THG cavity by 1064nm and 532nm + LBO according to II kind phasic match, for SHG, the detailed Principle is ω1 (1064nm,e light)+ ω2(1064nm,o light)→ω3(532nm,o light), the match phasic condition is 1/2{nwe( θm )+ nωo}=n2ωo;for THG, the detailed Principle is ω1 (532nm,e light) + ω2(355nm,o light), the match phasic condition is 1/2{now+new(θm)}= n2ωo , The KTP and LBO is Polarizable match, in order to improve the transfer efficiency, improve the power cross section density of KTP and LBO is necessary when design


Order Information
Output Power
001: 1mW (CW)
005: 5mW (CW)
005: 5mW (Q-switched)
010-080: 10~80mW (Q-switched)
100: 100mW (Q-switched)
200: 200mW (Q-switched)
300: 300mW (Q-switched)
500: 500mW (Q-switched)
600-1000: 600~1000mW (Q-switched)
Laser Module Sort
T: With Temperature Electric Cooling (CW)
Q: Q-switched Pulsed Lasers
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