266nm UV Lasers (1-10mW)


Specifications :
Wavelength (nm)
Output Power
Operating mode
M2 factor
Power stability after warm-up  
<1%, <3%, <5% (over 2/4/8 hours)
Transverse mode
Near TEM00
Warm-up time
<15 minutes
Beam Divergence (1/e2, Full Angle)
Dimensions of laser head (mm)
212 × 88 ×74mm
Beam diameter at the aperture  
Spectral line width  
Polarization ratio  
Point stability after warm-up  
Power supply (110 or 220VAC)
Operating Temperature
Dimensions of power supply
238 ×146 ×94mm
Expected Operating Lifetime
> 10000 hours
Warranty time
1 year
See the Glossary and Technology for information about the terms used
In the front of the laser, we add an infrared filter. The residual IR part is less than 10-3. Please refer tothe technology page for more information about the filter.
Other Sytles and custom designs are available. Contact us to discuss your needs.


* Detailed Laser Head and power supply info of each power version will be provided on request.

* 4 or 8 hours Longer operation period output power stability are available on request.

* Better (<3%,<1%) power stability are available on request.

* Other version Laser Head and power supply are available on request.

* Analog Modulation >2KHz or higher as option.

* Up to 30Khz TTL modulation on request.

* High frequency AOM modulation on requested.

* Line output version are available on request.

* Fiber coupled system is available on request.

* Longer warranty on request.

* Other custom-made design is available, please contact us for details.