Visible Diode collimated Lasers
Dream Lasers What exactly is a Collimated Diode Lasers A Collimated Diode Laser (CDL) is a compact cylindrical assembly often referred to as a light pen. Each CDL includes; a laser diode and collimating lens which are assembled into a precisely machined, black anodized, aluminum housing; the laser diode drive circuit is not included. CDL's are often a viable solution in the following situations: 

 Optical assembly techniques and specialized optical test instruments are not available 
 Laser drive circuit is incorporated with other electronics in the product or application 
 Special laser drive requirements; i.e. pulse drive or modulation 
In critical applications, a CDL with an x-y lens alignment system is generally preferred. During the assembly process, the optical axis of the collimating lens is precisely aligned with the laser diode's emission point, ensuring a symmetric beam with better static alignment. The collimating lens is then adjusted in the z-axis to focus or collimate the beam.
Test data is provided with all CDL's listing specific characteristics of the laser diode, drive current required at various power levels, and the beam divergence specifications.
Many laser diodes are available from our stock and inquiries with special requirements such as custom mounts or special optical requirements are welcome.

 Dream Lasers A diode-collimation Laser, with single-line output in the purple(405nm,410nm),blue (440nm,445nm),and Red(635nm,650nm,660nm,690nm,730nm,750nm,780nm,785nm,795nm),As part of this diode collimation laser design,with high reliability, high stability,and excellent laser beam quality,

 Dream Lasers Visible Diode Collimated Lasers are available for a range of laboratory and industrial applications. Our Visible Diode Collimated Lasers are widely used in application areas such as biotechnology,semiconductor instrumentation, inspection, material processing and reprographics.

Order Information
A Output Wavelength 405nm,410nm,440nm, 445nm
Diode Lasers Modules
Output Power
405/410nm: 1~100mW
440/445nm: 1~40mW
635nm: 1~5000mW
650/660nm: 1~1500mW
690nm: 1~400mW
730/750/795nm: 1~2500mW  
785/780nm: 1~150mW  
C Laser Module Sort 
Free Running
With Temperature Electric Cooling
Line Output
Cross Line Output

 If you need special configurations or wavelength of the Visible Diode collimated Lasers, please contact Dream Lasers directly.