445nm Blue Lasers

445nm Diode Collimated Laser



Wavelength (nm)  445±5nm
Output Power
Energy distributuon Even
Beam spot
Operating Mode
Power Stability after warm-up
<1%, <3%, <5% (over 2/4/8 hours)
Warm-up time
< 5 minutes
Beam divergence, full angle (mrad)
8. 0mrad
Beam diameter at the aperture
2. 0mm
Beam height from base plate 24.8mm
Pointing stability after warm-up (mrad) <0.05
Operating temperature (℃) 10~35℃
Power Supply
90-264VAC, 50/60Hz
TTL Modulation or Analog Modulation
Expect life time
10000 hours
Warranty time
1 year


* Detailed Laser Head and power supply info of each power version will be provided on request.

* 4 or 8 hours Longer operation period output power stability are available on request.

* Better (<3%,<1%) power stability are available on request.

* Other version Laser Head and power supply are available on request.

* Analog Modulation >2KHz or higher as option.

* Up to 30Khz TTL modulation on request.

* High frequency AOM modulation on requested.

* Line output version are available on request.

* Fiber coupled system is available on request.

* Longer warranty on request.

* Other custom-made design is available, please contact us for details.