UV Lasers
UV Lasers
The application in micro-electronics industry of solid UV Lasers:


With the increasing demands of small electronic products and micro-electronics components,the close processing of polymer materials increasingly become one of the fastest applied field in laser industry applications.UV lasers are ideal instruments in dealing with plastic and metal which is widely used in micro-electronics components industry.
Laser micro-processing:
Different from infrared processing,UV micro-processing is not "heat" processing essentially.It's easier for most materials to absorb UV light than infrared light,high-octane UV light photon directly destroy many molecular key which on nonmetal surface,this "cool" processing components has slick edge and minimally charry-melt influence.
Due to UV laser's merit in focus,focus dot can reach sub-micron,then it can be superior to the micro-processing in metal and polymer,can process small components;even if under low-rise level of pulse energy,can get upper energy density,process materials effectively.
With the development of UV semiconductor pump solid components which has firmly structure and high power,directly use laser to molding process circuit board and small components has become attractive technic
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Output Wavelength
Output Power
1-10mW (CW)
1-300mW (Q-switched)
355nm 1-10mW (CW)
1-1,000mW (Q-switched)
375nm 1-20mW
1-10mW (fiber laser)
Laser Module Sort
T: With Temperature Electric Cooling (CW)
Q: Q-switched Pulsed Lasers