LiTaO3 crystal is also an widely used E-O crystal, due to its optical, NLO and E-O poperties similar to those of LiNbO3 crystal, but with higher damage threshold (> 500 MW/cm2 for ns pulsed). Main properties include:
Transparent Range: 0.4 - 5.0 mm; E-O Coefficient: r33=30.4; 
Refractive Indices: no=2.176, ne=2.180 @ 633 nm.

Diameter: Φ40mm ~   Φ102mm
Thickness: 0.2~1.2mm
Orientation: X, Z, 36°Y, 42°Y, 112°Y
Ref. flat orientation: X
Ref. Flat width: 16± 2mm, 22±2 mm, 32±2 mm
Bow: less than 20m   m
Orientation Tolerances: within 10 arc min. or better
Standard polishing: one side polished 20/10 Scratch/Dig, Another side is inspection polished