Laser Pointers


 Dream Lasers The 532nm green laser pointer is made of DPSS technique, with the power range 1mW ~ 200mW, it is long beam ranges, high brightness, high beam quality and low price. The pointer is supplied by two C-size batteries.
 Dream Lasers The red laser pointer is made of laser diode of 635nm or 650nm, with the output power of 635nm 1mW ~ 10mW,the output power of 650nm and 660nm 1mW ~ 100mW. It has three functions: ball pen, laser pointer and ferule, and it is low cost, pen size and powerful enough for larger business presentations in large auditorium.
 Dream Lasers Laser pointers are compact instruments consisting of a low-power, visible light laser, used for pointing out features on a projected visual display. They are often used in training and other educational settings to highlight data on a large screen, as well as in industrial settings for checking machinery and parts for defects. Laser pointers are generally available with projected light in one of three colors, green, bright red (650nm), or Yellow (593nm).
 Dream Lasers Laser pointers are generally wand or pen-shaped and sized, and therefore easily portable.Most types function using batteries, although some AC plug-in types are available. The obvious difference between the two is that the battery-powered devices can be carried anywhere, while plug-in laser pointers are limited by access to a power source.
The output power of laser pointers is generally measured in watts, and indicates the "strength" of the laser beam. A watt is one joule of energy per second. This does not necessarily correspond to "brightness,” of the laser, which is wavelength dependent. A green laser pointer will be brighter than a red laser pointer of the same power because the human eye picks up green better.
 Dream Lasers Care must be taken when working with laser pointers. Some styles, especially more powerful types, which correspond to Class III and Class IV CDRH classification (Center for Devices and Radiological Health, part of the Food and Drug Administration, laser safety classification scheme), can cause ocular damage if used incorrectly. Laser pointers, even less powerful ones, should never be pointed directly at anyone’s eyes.
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Output Wavelength
473nm, 532nm, 593nm, 635nm, 650nm, 660nm, 808nm, 980nm, 1064nm, 1342nm

Laser Pointer Sort
B : 473nm Blue Lasers Pointer
G : 532nm Green Lasers Pointer
Y : 593nm Yellow Laser Pointer
R : 635nm Red Lasers Pointer
E : 650nm / 660nm Lasers Pointer
W: 808nm Laser Pointer
S: 980nm Infrared Laser Pointer
I: 1064nm Infrared Laser Pointer
Y: 1342nm Infrared Laser Pointer
GF : 532nm Water-proof Pointer
RF : 635nm Water-proof Pointer
EF : 650nm Water-proof Pointer
Output Power
001-020: 1~20mW
030-100: 30~100mW
150-200: 150~200mW
250-500: 250~500mW
600-1000: 300~1000mW
1100-1800: 1100~1800mW

Note: If you need special configurations or wavelength of the laser pointers,please contact Dream Lasers directly.