RGB / RG Lasers

The application of RGB and RG Lasers:

There are many newer application field in projection display area was developed by DPSS RGB laser, due to the Diode-pumped solid-state RGB laser ( RED, GREEN, BLUE) is with small dimension, light weight and low cost, this kind laser can be used with new type space AO modulation to improve the quality of image and color, it is very suitable to laser projection imaging,The RGB Laser Projector System was the first LMG product to be demonstrated and was showcased at Union Station during December 2000, involving an advertising campaign at a venue visited by 24 million commuters each year. 
The RGB Laser Projector System features high-speed acousto-optic deflectors which control both angular position and beam intensity without any mechanically-moving elements. Also featured are Continuous Wave (CW) laser red (630-680 nm), green (500-550 nm) and blue (450-480 nm) beams as the source of collimated radiation. 
The RGB Laser Projector System consists of three main units: the projection unit (PU); the PC-based control unit (CU); and the optical bench for the PU and laser installation. The systems works in conjunction with specific types of lasers, namely: argon and krypton ion-gas lasers; CW dye lasers; and diode-pumped solid-state lasers. 
The main areas of commercial use for the RGB Projector are full-colour large-scale static and dynamic images used for advertising; large-size on-line information panels and screens; special light effects for show companies, theme parks, planetari ums, etc.; television-style images for concerts, shows and festivals; and game and education seminars.
Wavelength: 635nm, 532nm, 473nm
Output Power: 100~5000mW
Wavelength: 660nm, 532nm, 473nm
Output Power: 100~5000mW
Wavelength: 671nm, 532nm, 457nm
Output Power: 100~8000mW
Wavelength: 635nm, 532nm
Output Power: 100~3000mW
Wavelength: 650nm, 532nm
Output Power: 200~3000mW
Wavelength: 671nm, 532nm
Output Power: 100~8000mW