Optical Parametric Generation (OPG)

wp - ws = wi (or 1/lp -1/ls = 1/li in wavelength)

It splits one high-energy photon into two low-energy photons.

For example:

355 nm ---->532 nm + 1064 nm
Optical Parametric Generation

Optical Parametric Generation (OPG) is an inverse process of Sum Frequency Generation. It splits one high-frequency photon (pumping wavelength, lp) into two low-frequency photons (signal, ls, and idler wavelength, li). If two mirrors are added to form a cavity as shown in following Figure, an Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) is established. For a fixed pump wavelength, tilting a crystal can generate an infinite number of signal and idler wavelengths. Therefore, OPO is an excellent source for generating wide tunable range coherent radiation. BBO, KTP, LBO and LiNbO3 are good crystals for OPO and Optical Parametric Amplifier (OPA) applications.

Optical Parametric Oscillator