375nm Fiber lasers

Wavelength (nm)  375nm
Fiber Output Power
Wavelength 375nm±3nm
Transverse mode
Operating Mode
Output Power Stability
Typically < ± 0.025dB3
Warm-up time
< 5 minutes
Beam divergence (1/e2, Full Angle)
< 5mrad
Beam diameter at the aperture
62.5um & 100um (fiber)
Power Supply
3~5VDC or 85~245VAC 50-60Hz
Fiber specification SM Fiber 9um,
MM Fiber 62.5um; 100um; 200um;
Fiber length 0.4M; 1M; 2M;
Numerical aperture 0.2~0.22
Group index of reflection 1.491~1.496
Attenuation ≦2.7 [dB/km]
≦0.6 [dB/km]
Cladding diameter 124.8±1.0 [um]
Coating diameter 245±7 [um]
Fiber connector FC/APC; FC/PC; FC/SMA; SMS/SMA
Output Wavelength Stability Typically < ± 0.1nm3
Operating Temperature 15 - 35°C
Operating Humidity 0-95% Non-condensing
Storage temperature 0-50°C
TTL Modulation >5KHz or analog Modulation >2KHz
Expect life time
10000 hours
Warranty time
1 year